Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's a "Dis or Dat"?

It's a new kind of decision making tool that takes complex issues and gets to the heart of what people value by presenting them as a short series of Either/Or (or A/B, or Dis/Dat) questions. Then it mashes everyone's results together and shows us what we're thinking, where we agree, and where we disagree.

2. ANOTHER survey site? Seriously?

Yeah, but this one's different. First, it's not a popularity contest. We're looking for what we call the Consensus Candidate - the option that's got the most support across the widest number of people.

Second, these surveys take a minute (often less than that) because all you have to do is answer a short series of A or B questions. Under the hood, the software figures out ways to keep the number of questions as short as possible, and each question can be answered quickly, because you're not having to think about a bunch of complex stuff. You just pick A or B, then do it again a few times, then you're done.

3. Consensus Candidate? Whaaa?

Imagine we needed to figure out where we were going to go for dinner. The best choice isn't always the one that's the favorite of the most people - some people may hate that choice, and others may not be able to eat what's on the menu. The best choice for where to go is the place where everyone can find something they like to eat. A lot of problems in life are like that.

Now imagine that we needed 200 people to agree on a restaurant. Or 20,000. We'd need a tool to quickly gather and analyze a bunch of data. So we built it, and called it Dis or Dat.

4. Can I build my own surveys/Can I send these by email/Can I have a pony?

We're working on it. We'll be developing and refining new features as quick as we can. If there's something you REALLY want us to do, the best thing to do is complete any of the surveys with "Dis or Dat" in the titles. We're actually monitoring the results of those, and using them to help us get our priorities straight.